Thai massage usually begins with work on the feet as they are the lowest part of the body gravity wise. By working there first, a person’s energy can be moved upward thus helping with the circulation of energy. This is very important as due to graviry our energy usually only flows downward. Massage or inverted postures such as are performed in yoga can therefore help to remedy this.

The feet are one of four reflex areas in the body. The other three reflex areas are the hands, ears and the irises of the eyes. Reflex areas contain points that correspond with other parts of the body. When these points are stimulated there is an effect on the corresponding body part. According to reflexology, each foot represents a half of the body with the right foot corresponding to the right side of the body and the left foot corresponding to the left side. The reflex areas on the feet are as follows:

Part of Foot Reflex Area

Toes Head
Balls of Feet Chest, Lungs, Shoulders
Upper Arch Diaphragm to Waist, Upper Abdominal
Lower Arch Waist to Pelvis, Lower Abdominal
Heel Pelvic Area, Sciatic Nerve
Medial Side of Foot Spine
Lateral Side of Foot Shoulder, Arm, Leg, Knee, Hip, Lower
Ankle Pelvic Area, Reproductive Organs

As you work, notice for any differences between the right and left foot, areas of particular hardness, lumps, heat, coolness, etc. Sometimes very grainy areas can be felt. These are usually deposits of uric acid and calcium crystais. By massaging these areas the crystals will be reabsorbed in the blood.

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